Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Target is perfect

Let me just tell you how far the Target chain store has come in fashion, specifically with their new line Go International featuring new and up in coming designers with looks priced for the everyday girl! Their newest designer is Tracy Feith, her line hit stores May 17th and is only there until June 20th! All of you get there fast because these looks are priceless, mod and fashionable, even the tags on the clothes are cute!

Heres most of the line:
(you may notice one of the models of the show on MTV The City, Allie)

Go hit your closest Target, if you can't here it is online

lovelove, M.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chanel No.5

Hello all, I've been busy lately with so much end of the semester of the work and finals starting next week. I have every second planned out, but of course I procrastinate, so I'd like to share just a bit of love.

I remember being a little girl and thinking Chanel No.5 signified elegance and class, and I was right, but it also means fashion and sexiness and sophistication and being an adult and so much more, all that embodies Coco Chanel too. The new short film for Chanel No.5 is such an inspiration, Audrey Tatou is breathtaking, and it's such a pretty little love story that embodies what you fantasize would happen to you when you wear this perfume. Which I will wear one day but once I reach that point that I can. In the meantime I can see this, dream a little and be inspired for the future...

"You should put the scent wherever you want to be kissed"
- Coco Chanel

pictures (c) starbucks and jane austen

Please click here to watch the film on the chanel website, these pictures do not do it enough justice..

Until summer,
-xo, C.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Warning: Memory Low

Hello all,
I have reached finals week (FINALly!) and my brain has jammed up with information on management, sewing standards, and economics. Of course C. and M. are on top of their game as usual and posting some sweet entries, but I promise once school is officially over, I will be right there with them.

Until then...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Fashion was parallel to architecture, in theory"

I know all of you must read Nylon, if not go pick up a copy ASAP. In the most recent issue (May 2009) of Nylon I came across a new designer: Julian Louie. He grew up in a artistic family, and went to New York City to pursue architecture after he finished his five year program for architecture he pursued his new love, fashion. He interned for Christ in 2005 where he hand painted chiffon dresses, and then went on to study in Berlin where he learned even more about the industry. His collection for 2009 were inspired by his upbringing in California, with neon colors washed out on wetsuits and dresses with plastic zippers. His spring/summer 09 collection, looking almost futuristic consists of many ruffles, and block coloring throughout mainly dresses.

Here are a few:

Everyone should be on the look out for new up and coming designers, and trends like these!
lovelove, M.