Monday, November 30, 2009

TVFU Canon Ambassador

Bloggers! Teen Vogue is finally starting to put up some of mine, and the other 5 Canon Brand Ambassador's pictures from Fashion U!

Go check it out HERE for an inside look at the weekend
lovelove, M.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

pretty in blue

Two things I've been loving lately?
Forever 21 and Tennessee Thomas (whom might I add sat in front of me and C. from Owl Wings while we were in the audience of It's On With Alexa Chung)

I recently found out that Forever 21 brought Tennessee to the studio to try on the new Boutique by Forever 21 (a new line, of all vintage looking items - already loving it). Theres an interview here!

credit: the skinny

What is your favorite thing about boutique by Forever 21?
I love how each piece feels lovely and special but not fussy. You can dress them up or layer them over more casual pieces for a truly unique feel.

Visit the first of the collection here
lovelove, M.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vogue: December

src:oh so coco

Behind the Scenes look at Vogue's December issue, with Annie Leibovitz and Grace Coddington. The Arts issue features cover girl Cate Blanchett, and a Hansel & Gretel inspired fashion editorial featuring Lady Gaga and models Lily Cole & Andrew Garfield. The issue hits stands tomorrow! I can't wait to get it!

-xo, C.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

V magazine

One thing I love is to is sit in Barns & Noble and grab every fashion magazines there is and read them all, stare at all the pictures and tune everyone out, especially because I get no magazine while at school I've been dying! and missing out!

After seeing that wonderful short film with all the Chanel clothing and accessories made for V magazine that i posted a couple of days ago, I had to go buy a copy of the magazine! I immediately fell in love with it, as do I with any fashion magazine. V magazine caught my eye with the huge pages, colors, and wonderfully chosen fashion ads, and photo shoots. I also very much enjoyed that Natalie Portman was on the cover, and had the most beautiful photo shoot of my life; edgy, raw, masculine and beautiful all at the same time.

Theres pages of collages of celebs at parties with/for V magazine, articles about new up and coming artists/musicians/models/fashion designers. Along with all of this, there was the interview with Alexa Chung I have been dying to get a hold of, along with amazing photographs of her. See the article/interview here

What was my favorite part of the magazine? The "Pin me up, pin me down" photo shoot, based off Pin up girls - done the modern way.
Models: Miranda Kerr, Ana Beatriz Barros.
Photography by Willy Vanderperre
Styling by Olivier Rizzo

to see the whole shoot go here

go pick up the winter 2009/10 issue on stands now! it's worth the $6.50
lovelove, M.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

freaking out!

Thanks to Topshop's facebook page I just died a little, some of the pieces Ms. Audrey Hepburn has worn are being auctioned off over three days in December. I know everyone loves Ms. Hepburn and would die for these clothes, which is why I'm about to hyperventilate!!!! You can see all of her clothes and accessories being auctioned off, as well as vintage Chanel bags, shoes, and other designer dresses/clothing. I'M DYING! Take a LOOK!

Credit; Pictures from Kerry Taylor Auctions, Collage by Topshop Facebook

lovelove, M.
thank you birds of a feather flock together for showing me this AMAZING Chanel film -

lovelove, M.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brigitte Bardot

Vintage Brigitte Bardot postcard.

In the 1950s and 60s, boys and men were obsessing over iconic sex goddesses Marilyn Monroe, and Bridgitte Bardot. Born in Paris in 1934, the fashion model, actress and even singer first appeared as a model in the early 1950s; appearing on the cover of ELLE magazine in March 1950. She went on to appear in many different films, perhaps best known for her controversial role in Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman in 1956 and her starring role in Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt in 1963. She even went on to have a small singing career. But Bridgitte Bardot is probably best known for the icon she has become. A fashion icon along the likes of Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, she made the monokini popular and the "Bardot" neckline was named for her. Her hairstyle, a sort of beehive, has become associated with her. Guys wanted her and girls wanted to be her. John Lennon and Paul McCartney idolized her and even Andy Warhol painted her in 1974. To me, she embodies a look that I've been obsessing over lately. She's fierce, but still has something sweet about her; sexy, girly and edgy all at the same time. She's the type of woman that can kick your ass in a dress. (And she still is kicking ass - she's now an animal rights activist.) She's a huge icon to me, I mean, what's not to love?

src: weheartit

Amazing! I've been able to see her influence a lot in today's fashion world, and some have really stood out to me recently:

Louise E. of Miss Pandora, photographed by Pauline Darley

Katty Besnard, lead singer of The Plastiscines, photographed by Dave Stewart

Is it a coincidence that both of these girls are french? Maybe, let's just say I'm jealous that Q. is going to school in Paris right now! Maybe she can send us some of France's amazing fashion senses!

-xo, C.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Want a tattoo but you can't get one?
Etsy's found a way, of course.

Tattoo's on tights and socks? Don't worry it's not the Ed Hardy way...

check out more here

lovelove, M.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Thanks to little lost love I discovered Kate Doodles, she has the most amazing drawings fashion and non fashion related, here are some of my favorites

so cute!
lovelove, M.

Sonic Fabric

I recently came across Sonic Fabric, this awesome fabric company makes fabric out of 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% polyester thread. The fabric ends up looking metallic and shiny, and the best thing about it? It's actually listenable! You can make a listening device and listen to your fabric or if it's something already made, your clothing!

The site offers:
neck ties
yards of fabric
swatches for textile designers and such
you can purchase here

my personal favorite picture from the site? this awesome looking shift dress

check it out!
lovelove, M.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Zoe Report

Every day I receive the Zoe Report in my e-mail, and "I die" a little. Rachel Zoe sends out an email to her subscribers letting them know about a new item in the fashion world yet to be discovered and can be the new trend, she explains why the item is great and then goes on to usually show you an item similar that is less expensive.
Here's what the e-mail looks like,

it's a pretty great way to know what's in, or what's up and coming
sign up HERE

lovelove, M.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Education

I'm shaking with anticipation to see An Education Thursday for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, I fell in love the minute I found out it took place in London during the 1960's, it was plus for me to find out it was a love story of a teenage girl (played by Carey Mulligan, who reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Zooey Deschanel) and an older man (Peter Sarsgaard). The costumes are simply amazing, take a look.

Credit: IMDB

I'm sure it's as amazing as I'm hoping, I'll let you all know!
lovelove, M.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jenny Talullah Humphrey

Lil' J even has a trendy middle name. Watching Gossip Girl last night I was very happy that Jenny was more in it than recently this season. Her outfits were amazing, as usual, and I loved her cotillion dress! I wish I still had occasions to get dressed up for like prom in high school. Although I never wore a full length gown for proms or anything, lately I've had the urge to wear one and I'd definitely wear this. Also The Plastiscines performed at the Cotillion! A while ago I did a post about their EP and now they're full album, About Love, is out and it's very good; I definitely recommend it! Plus they looked just as amazing as Lil' J.

Queen B.

I loved this dress but I couldn't find a better picture.

Ahhh I can't find who this dress is by but I will let you guys know if I do!

The Plastiscines

Love. Gossip Girl.
- xo, C.