Monday, November 9, 2009


One of the perks of having my car on campus is that I finally got to go downtown to see the movie Coco before Chanel. I've been waiting to see this movie forever fearing by the time I could see it would be out of theaters, but finally I got to! The movie not only tells the life of Coco before she started her fashion career but it's also in French, you truly grasp how she lived, felt and acted because you get see everything in French. It's a love story, a story about courage, a sad story, and the whole time you really fall in love with Coco (Audrey Tautou is wonderful as Coco), you fall in love with the way she started to wear men's suits, and clothing to go horse back riding, how she never wore a corset so that she could actually breathe, and how she glowed elegance with her hair tied up looking like a man.
Please go see this when you can!

coco in her usual suit

love story

after being inspired by fisherman, she made striped navy shirts

after making her living as a decorative hat designer

before runway

my absolute favorite part of the whole movie

some sketches and inspiration for Audrey Tautou's outfits by Catherine Leterr

lovelove, M.

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  1. that loooks like such a great movie. i did a project on Coco for school, and it's definately making me want to see this movie