Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teen Vogue Fashion U: Canon Brand Ambassador

Finally, here come the Teen Vogue Fashion U posts, I'm going to separate them since there is so much I need to tell you guys!

First I want to tell you all about being a Canon Brand Ambassador! I'll give you the short story - I was choosen with five other girls from all over the country (and Canada and Puerto Rico!). We all had to go to a meeting at the Teen Vogue offices the day before Fashion U started, of course I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect. I walked up to of course, a huge office building with "four times square" written on the side along with Condé Nast sign, walked in got my name tag and went straight up to the 10th floor. The elevator ride was so nerve racking, names like Vogue, GQ, Allure and more are along side Teen Vogue which covers two floors each shared with a different magazine (GQ and Allure). I waited in the gorgeous all white lobby between Allure and Teen Vogue with the other girls waiting to go in, watching the most fashionable people I've ever seen walk in and out of the doors.

Finally we were allowed in and went right into a conference room where we got to pick a brand new Canon Powershot SD1200, they were laid out along with a Jennifer Behr headband that matched. I picked the dark grey camera and headband (so it would match all my outfits better). We got instructions about what to do over the course of the weekend - basically take pictures of anything and everything, and wear our headbands everyday so all the students at Fashion U would know who we were.

The best part? We got to keep both the camera and headband, secretly I was more excited about the headband!

more to come of Teen Vogue Fashion U!
lovelove, M.

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