Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jenny Talullah Humphrey

Lil' J even has a trendy middle name. Watching Gossip Girl last night I was very happy that Jenny was more in it than recently this season. Her outfits were amazing, as usual, and I loved her cotillion dress! I wish I still had occasions to get dressed up for like prom in high school. Although I never wore a full length gown for proms or anything, lately I've had the urge to wear one and I'd definitely wear this. Also The Plastiscines performed at the Cotillion! A while ago I did a post about their EP and now they're full album, About Love, is out and it's very good; I definitely recommend it! Plus they looked just as amazing as Lil' J.

Queen B.

I loved this dress but I couldn't find a better picture.

Ahhh I can't find who this dress is by but I will let you guys know if I do!

The Plastiscines

Love. Gossip Girl.
- xo, C.

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  1. i second that. this season her wardrobe is just fabulous. both romantic and chic yet still has that edgy feel to it!