Friday, June 18, 2010

Vendredis en couleur @ Quinntessential Style

So I decided I wanted to dedicate Friday posts on my personal blog to color inspiration. I figured it'd be a fun, vibrant way to welcome the weekend!
This week I've picked Turquoise. The color has been named Pantone's color of 2010. Expect to see the color popping up all over; from runways, to cosmetics, to accessories!

To see all the color inspiration images, click here!
xx, Q.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mobsters, Ballerinas, and Crystal Pleating

With Paris' Opera Garnier and the ballet I attended STILL on my mind, I was immediately drawn to an article in the May 19, 2010 issue of WWD, "Dance Class", featuring Gilles Mendel's resort collection for J.Mendel. The designer was asked to design costumes for New York City Ballet's newest work "Call Me Ben". The article discussed how he had to learn the difference between "designing for the stage [and designing for] social settings". Marc Happel, costume shop director for NYCB, was quoted discussing how smaller details will get lost on stage, so bolder is better. He said, "many times I take [the costumes] and stand at the end of a hallway and say 'OK, what you're looking at is Row A. Most everyone else is going to be even farther away'."

The one-act ballet takes place in the forties and follows the story of gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. Dressing the women in delicate pleats and flowing mousseline, and the men in classically tailored pinstripe suits, it's clear one of Mendel's first inspirations for the project was formed around Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The women also sport tweed pencil skirts, cape jackets, and all dance with Forties-styled dance shoes. For Mendel's resort collection, it goes without saying that he brought ballet from the stage to the runway. The collection emphasizes the graceful aspects of ballet with the use of flowing fabrics such as tulle, mousseline, and organza. The movement in the garments is incredible. Looking at the photo with Mendel and the blue dress, it's as if the mannequin is twirling. Each piece is extremely elegant with the glamour and detail seen in Mendel's work.
To view more of his designs visit my blog: Quinntessential Style.
xx, Q.
WWD Articles

[credit: WWD]

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Dearest Apologies - I've Got Paris on a String

Dear Readers,
I sincerely apologize for my INCREDIBLY long absence. Paris' magic put me under a spell, and I've just come to. This semester has flown by, but brought wonderful and exciting people, places, and events to my life abroad.
I scored a fantastic internship at WWD Paris which has let me experience the real life of a journalist. I have wined and dined with fellow bloggers at a gorgeous apartment in St. Germain des Près while overlooking the sparkling Tour Eiffel. And, my favorite experience of all, I fell into the lap of luck when running late for the Hommage à Jerome Robbins ballet at the famous Opéra Garnier (for those who don't know, this is the opera where Phantom story takes place).

Since I was late, I was going to have to wait to take my seat after the first act was through, until the lighting and sound crew OF THE ACTUAL OPERA HOUSE invited me into the lighting booth to watch the show from there. The crew could not have been nicer or more generous. As the night progressed, one thing led to another and all of a sudden during the entracte I found myself on THE stage where I had just watched professional ballerinas waltz and pirouette. I was absolutely speechless, and couldn't do a thing but smile like a child on Christmas morning. After the final bow, I was offered a full tour of the opera house from the very bottom to the very top, seeing areas that wouldn't usually be seen by those on the public tours.

When the opera house was built, the water table was found to be higher than assumed. So, the building actually sits atop a mini lake, which yes, contains fish. Climbing the 7 flights up to the actual stage, then a few more, I entered the giant practice rooms where we found a little tutu hiding (pictured above). The construction was beautiful, and if you can't see, very intricate. Unfortunately, it was too late to see the costume atelier where every costume is made in-house, but I was promised at my next visit (yes next visit!!) I could. My fingers are crossed for a possible apprenticeship... I hope, I hope.

So my dear readers, this is a little update from my nouvelle vie parisienne.
I really am going to try to keep my promise of updating more (especially because I know I won't hear the end of it from Melissa, of Prête Moi Paris, and M. if I don't)

I hope you haven't lost faith!

P.S. Check out my blog for new Paris picture updates coming soon!

[image courtesy of Prete Moi Paris]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

seeing stars

I'm a little too excited about this new collaboration of The Lake & Stars and Urban Outfitters, the lingerie is gorgeous, and I really want every bra/bustier there is and wear them with high waisted skirts.
Check out more @ Marissa Explains It All
lovelove, M.

Dreaming in polka dots

I've been finding myself drawn to polka dots lately, I really love everything and anything with polka dots of any color, here's some things I've found/love right now.

Urban Outfitters Tank; Heritage 1981 Romper

Forever 21 Skirt; Bordello heels

Blue Banana dress; American Apparel socks

3.1 Phillip Lim dress; Modcloth bathing suit

Check out more @ Marissa Explains It All
lovelove, M.

Friday, April 2, 2010

J'adore Wildfox

Wildfox Couture's Spring 2010 Lookbook is so perfect to inspire anyone's spring look! Photographed by Emir Eralp and styled by Cassandra Kellogg, the lookbook features models Allie Crandell, Bar Paly, and Anna Iaryn. To see more check out their website at Wildfox Couture.


To see more of the photos, and a video from the shoot, check out Owl Wings!!
xo, C.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer Chic

Model: Blaise Reutersward
Photographer: Marloes Horst
The Holiday Lolita

See more at my personal blog Marissa Explains It All, along with other outfit posts and inspiration post!
lovelove, M.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Milan Fashion Week!

Hello again Bloggers!! I've finally gotten around to rounding out my favorites from Milan Fashion Week, and I thought I'd share one with you - Albino! I really loved the focus on shape with this collection, especially all the A-line, but mini, flowing skirts. Also, the capes and the who prim look really won me over, as well as the wonderful color palette of caramels, creams, blacks and even some light blue. The prints added a really pretty touch to the already amazing collection! Loved it all.


To see more of my favorites from Milan, and more posts with fashion inspiration, go to my personal fashion blog, Owl Wings!!
xo, C.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I'm finally finishing up with NYFW, and wanted to share the Proenza Schouler collection. How can I explain my love for this? This is so so so beautiful. Please, if I ever become a famous blogger send me a pair of those amazing amazing white graffiti skinnies (which are a collaboration with J Brand!). Since that probably won't happen, maybe I'll jsut save money by never buying groceries again. They are so beautiful.

From London I really love the Burberry Prorsum collection, actually, I'm obsessed. First the Spring collection was amazing, and now this. Christopher Bailey, you're great. How did I even pick only six looks???, collages by me

To see the end of my NYFW coverage and more of my London favorites, check out my personal fashion blog, Owl Wings!
xo, C.

Friday, February 26, 2010

London Impression

London fashion week FW2010 favorites-

Clements Riberio


all credit;
Paul Smith Women

for mor of my favorites, visit Marissa Explains It All
lovelove, M.

NYFW Favorites, Part 2

A couple more favorites from NYFW! Charlotte Ronson was beautiful with the pops of color and the jumpsuits! Then Erin Fetherston was inspired by Nico from the Velvet Underground who is a personal fashion inspiration of mine too!!

Charlotte Ronson

Erin Fetherston

To see more favorites, check out my personal fashion blog at Owl Wings!
xo, C.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be my friend?

Grace Coddington. Since The September Issue just was released on DVD, I watched it for the second time and really loved Grace in the movie, her humor, style, creativity and the way she can put an idea together into a photo shoot truly amazes me. In the movie they show pictures of her when she modeled for Vogue, she's gorgeous. Oh and it doesn't hurt that she's from Whales (the British accent wins it all).

credit; google

Visit Marissa Explains It All for an interview and more pictures!
lovelove, M.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Private Tour

Last Friday I was grateful enough to get a private tour of Barney's NY with my fashion club at school, I really had no idea what to expect because I've never even set foot in Barney's! Our tour guide (Taylor) was a very educated on Barney's gay man that had worked there since 1994. He knew all the in's and out's and told so many stories.

Did you know....
+ Goyard bags started the vinyl monogram, not Louis Vuitton.
+ Alexander Wang worked for the fashion director of Barney's
+ Frederic Malle is a genius? (more about that later)
+ Kid's True Religion jeans are $150 (ew)
+ Barney's discovered not only Seven Jeans, but also Giorgio Armani!
+ Barney's has a very well known selection of jeans, and the employees should be able to look at you and tell you what size, style and brand of jean would look the best on you
+ Barney's started as a men's wear store in Brooklyn that was known for discounted items

Find out more about Barney's and my trip @ Marissa Explains It All
lovelove, M.

Top Picks: Part 2

I told you I would follow up with more of my favorites from New York Fashion Week, and here are the last of my favorite designers in alphabetical order once again:

Marc by Marc Jacobs - once again Marc amazes me, as always. I am in love with the draping of fabrics, the colors (oranges and reds mixed with greys and browns) and the patterns.

Mulberry - surprisingly Mulberry was another one of my favorites, I am obsessed with the luxurious bold patterns, shoes, fabrics and designs Mulberry put together

Oscar De La Renta - the classic ODLR did it again, the sheer dresses of course won me over a long with the fur accents and the gorgeous embellishments

To see more of my favorites, go to Marissa Explains It All
lovelove, M.