Monday, March 15, 2010

Milan Fashion Week!

Hello again Bloggers!! I've finally gotten around to rounding out my favorites from Milan Fashion Week, and I thought I'd share one with you - Albino! I really loved the focus on shape with this collection, especially all the A-line, but mini, flowing skirts. Also, the capes and the who prim look really won me over, as well as the wonderful color palette of caramels, creams, blacks and even some light blue. The prints added a really pretty touch to the already amazing collection! Loved it all.


To see more of my favorites from Milan, and more posts with fashion inspiration, go to my personal fashion blog, Owl Wings!!
xo, C.


  1. fashion always rockss, she looks great

  2. I love black and white, esp. in this picture.

  3. love it, so perfect

  4. The patterns are fantastic. What would be cool would be if some high street store who, when selling their imitation pieces, also sold fabric markers with them so you could colour in your pattern to make it personalised!