Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Fashion was parallel to architecture, in theory"

I know all of you must read Nylon, if not go pick up a copy ASAP. In the most recent issue (May 2009) of Nylon I came across a new designer: Julian Louie. He grew up in a artistic family, and went to New York City to pursue architecture after he finished his five year program for architecture he pursued his new love, fashion. He interned for Christ in 2005 where he hand painted chiffon dresses, and then went on to study in Berlin where he learned even more about the industry. His collection for 2009 were inspired by his upbringing in California, with neon colors washed out on wetsuits and dresses with plastic zippers. His spring/summer 09 collection, looking almost futuristic consists of many ruffles, and block coloring throughout mainly dresses.

Here are a few:

Everyone should be on the look out for new up and coming designers, and trends like these!
lovelove, M.

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