Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fashion Inside Out

This post for me, is way over due. Last fall I got the opportunity to meet Project Runway runner up Daniel Vosovic and have his latest book Fashion Inside Out signed. Daniel or as I call him "Danny V" (yes I have a pet name for him) is one of my favorite designers through out every season of Project Runway so I was extremely excited. During his book signing he talked about his new book, and what got him to where he is, and what he is planning to do. Honestly it was eye opening to me to listen to him tell his fans about studying abroad, learning from different internships and how he is still learning being a new designer in the fashion industry. I stayed after the book signing to try and steal some more one on one time with him to talk more, which I luckily got along with my two friends. He mentioned how crazy the industry is and how anyone aspiring to be in it needs to work hard and want it. I then asked about interning with him and his company, which he was then nice enough to give an email address and information about someday working with him, you can imagine how excited I was. I still am in contact with his assistant and still hope to soon intern with him, it would be a dream come true.

For now I would like to re- celebrate my meeting Danny V with telling you bloggers that Daniel won the All Star Challenge for Project Runway last Thursday! He made a gorgeous mini collection that was edgy and sporty and included all my favorite colors: black, white and royal blue! I'll leave you with my favorite photo of him in the his book, and the cover of his book. Everyone should go get a copy inside he teaches you how to make patterns, sketch, and about the industry in general! It's a great find.

lovelove, M.

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