Friday, September 11, 2009

Rain or Shine

As many other fashionista's did, Q. and I got to attend New York's Fashion's Night Out the kick off of New York City's Fashion Week. I have been anticipating this night for so long planning and planning and re-planning which stores across New York City I wanted to visit. Finally myself, my roommate from college and Q. decided on having our big and most eventful stop of the night to be Bergdorf Goodman because of the many designers (Zac Posen, Alexander Wang, Manolo Blahnik etc) were supposed to attend along with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen serving drinks, which was the main reason I was so excited to go, I needed to see my idols. To make a long story short, after waiting in many lines, squeezed together with many fashionista's from all over we did not get to see MK & A or anyone else for that matter because of the massive amount of fashionable ladies and gents at Bergdorf's.
On a side note, the only good thing that came out of it was getting to talk to random people in lines, Q. and I had the chance to meet the Skinny Intern fashion blogger from Miami! She was so sweet and I wanted to share her blog with you, check her out!
After the disappointment at Bergdorf's we made are way from Miu Miu to see Alexa Chung DJ, to Payless to meet the not so lovely Christian Siriano who you could tell was not thrilled by 9pm to pose with his many fans. Finally we all made our way to Soho and Bleecker St which we found much more fun, and much less crowded. Ended in the Marc Jacobs Accessory store spending $$ on wonderful things instead of the official Fashion's Night Out tee that was sold out in .2342 seconds. Disappointing.

Overall I was not a fan of Fashion's Night Out, very disorganized and very unrealistic.

Some pictures to sum up the night:
Manolo Blahnik chatting it up

the lines in Bergdorf's

Alexa Chung DJing at Miu Miu with Q.

and me with Alexa

Christian Siriano's model

Me with Christian, like the pose?

Marc Jacob's accessory store

Ralph Lauren

Living mannequin

lovelove, M.


  1. i wanted to go so bad! but from what you're saying it wasn't that great.... shoot. but alexa chung is amazing! was she nice??

  2. I'm sure if I had planned better it might have been better, but it was basically due to poor planning and too many people!
    Yeah she's really nice, I'm pretty sure she was drunk but that's fine. That's the second time me and Q. met her, I've been on her talk show twice! She's hilarious and so cute.

  3. i like your blog :)


  4. hey girl! keep in touch.
    thanks for the kind words. Lets hang out when i come back up to NY!
    btw i love your love for Alexa chung. she is so amazing. i cant get enough.
    skinny intern