Thursday, February 11, 2010

& so it begins

It's official as of 9a.m. this morning fashion week has begun! I'm so excited to start seeing all the designer's lines. I thought I'd share one of my favorites so far of designer Lyn Devon.

I'm really obsessing over the pant length, open backs and full skirts that she's put together. The color palette is equally amazing - the dusty orange lilac purple and neon yellow fit perfectly with the whites, blacks and navy blues.


On another note: Alexander McQueen, you will be missed by everyone and anyone that cares the slightest bit about fashion - you were amazing <3

What do you think? What is your favorites of todays shows?
lovelove, M.


  1. hey i love your blog! check out mine - it's not her, it's me. and i am selling some amazing vintage and handmade crochet goodies on etsy: check it out! xoxo ♥

  2. i love the second and ninth outfit!
    RIP mcqueen :(:(

  3. loving that orange leather there! i liked Michael Angel (or maybe i'm biased because he's from Australia =P)

    R.I.P Alexander McQueen, he was beyond incredible.

  4. I really love the dress w/ the yellow. Beautiful! I'm following your blog it's very nice : )

  5. i love the last picture <3

    by the way i adore your blog. its really beautiful :)

  6. what a classic collection. very all american style