Monday, February 1, 2010

Through the rabbit hole

Although unlike everyone else I'm not totally and completely excited for the new Alice In Wonderland movie coming out, however I will see it just because I believe all the costumes will be wonderful and because Q. and C. have been in love with Alice In Wonderland since I've known them so I feel like I have to now (thanks guys!) BUT the new cover girl for Teen Vogue's most recent issue is Mia Wasikowska, and the shoot they did with her is gorgeous so I thought I'd share! (and I had no idea she had short hair, and I love it on her!)

credit; teen vogue

Visit Marissa Explains It All for Teen Vogue's cheap alternatives to Mia's outfits in the shoot and more links!
lovelove, M.


  1. she reminds me a lot of mia farrow. love the first dress, such a divine summer colour.

  2. She is so pretty with short hair. Miley Cyrus also is wearing the first blue dress in last months Vogue magazine or it might have been Glamour.


  3. Fabulous shots very English Garden with a modern touch,she looks lovely.