Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I haven't had enough time to make a real fashion post so I promise soon I have many things saved to make posts on just no time! So here's some more from my life - today (or yesterday really because it's 2 a.m.) was my boyfriend's birthday and I surprised him with an indoor picnic of some Sonic food and then we spent the day in his favorite place, Barnes & Noble. I made him a birthday crown and myself a tiara, these pictures remind me of the wonderful Kate Maggie from Postcards from... who just made a post of her and her boyfriend that's really cute, go look!

Anyways, heres some pictures from my day

after going to dinner with our friends he decided to be a "real" 20 year old and wear his mustache!

here's my outfit of the day
(i'm trying to take outfit pictures everyday even if they aren't the best pictures)
scarf; italy, gift from a friend
dress; forever 21
sweater; my mom's

I'll be back with real posts that aren't all about my life tomorrow!
lovelove, M.

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