Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blast from the past

Recently I've been inspired by vintage fashion and icons, well not recently... I'm always inspired by vintage anything. It's been even more this week because 1. my art history teacher was talking about analyzing a picture or work of art and being able to tell when it was made or taken by symbols, clothing etc. She used a picture of Jackie O. (Kennedy) as an example. This reminded me of how much I love her, so I had to show you some of my favorite pictures and more things inspired by vintage and her.

credit; google, weheartit

I also found an editorial a couple of weeks ago that I thought I'd never post about but it's pretty vintage inspired and looks like Jackie O's style with a modern twist, so now I feel the urge to show you that as well. It's called Cote d'Allure from the January 2010 Vogue Germany, with Madisyn Ritland.

To see the whole editorial and details visit The Fashion Time Magazine

I hope you enjoyed all my new favorite vintage inspirations!
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AND a big THANK YOU to Nunu from Classically Cool for our first blog award, it's really exciting for all of us! We have to pick some blogs to pass it along too, that will happen soon. Thank you again Nunu <3

lovelove, M.


  1. I really love her style! It's so timeless and elegant. If someone is to rock one of her outfits today, it would still look awesome.

  2. Nothing beats a good dose of vintage inspiration1

  3. great inspirations! ^^ I'm in love with vintage at this point

    thanks for your comment!


    jackie O is such a god.

  5. I love all of Jackie's hats and jackets...she was so chic!

    The editorial is beautiful!

    You should post some of your outfits...I bet they're gorgeous, too!