Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since I was little I have always been fascinated by rocks, you know the cool kind with crystals in them, known as Agate or Geode. I have a big collection in my room at home, I'll have to show you guys soon, it's more of a secret obsession though. My boyfriend called me a closet nerd when he found out haha! But I'm very excited that Urban Outfitters has been putting out jewlery with these rocks in it, I haven't actually got myself to "waste" the money on a piece yet but I plan on doing it soon..Although alot of the pieces are not even on the website anymore. I thought I'd show you the ones that are

all found here

These couple I found from Nested Design's blog;
found at Judy B Designs on Etsy

both found at Iris Jewelry Design on Etsy

lovelove, M.