Friday, January 29, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Havin' a blast thinking about the summer, the beach and bathing suits. Especially vintage inspired suits, high waisted bottoms, cute little tops, or one pieces with little shorts at the bottom. In classic colors, polka dots, or cute prints. How wonderful does that sound? Someone bring me to Hawaii, I need the warmth! While I'm waiting here are some of my favorite pictures of vintage suits.

credit; google, sweetsassafrass

Some inspired ones for sale now:

Both from Urban Outfitters

Both from ModCloth

Both from Anthropologie

dreaming of summer!
lovelove, M.


  1. Ahhh yes, I absolutely adore vintage playsuits. They are so vintage chic without revealing too much. Hayden-Harnett has some really cute ones as well!

  2. Me too!!! This summer I have vowed that I will buy one. I have a beach trip planned for June, so this is great inspiration to get me started. I love, love, love the ModCloth ones. Pretty Prints!! Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Great post! I have a little obsession with vintage swimwear too!

  4. The domino print one is great.


  5. I love the old styled swimsuits you have picked out such cute and chic ones.