Friday, January 15, 2010

Roses are red

my hair is officially died back to my natural color! One of the pluses to having almost black hair is that I can wear almost any color of clothing without it looking horrible on me, especially red! With fading red hair, anything red looked horrible on me, so I'm excited I can wear red all the time now and look great in it!
A long time ago I found this editorial on wehearit, and have saved it ever since hoping to blog it one day, and now I can!

I love the red sheer tights, and all the red accents in this shoot so much, after being reminded of this shoot I just had to wear some red today

Top and Jacket; Forever 21
Belt; Kohl's
Skirt; American Apparel
Leggings; Target
Boots; DSW (my favorite things ever)

Vintage Chanel rhinestone necklace, Diane Von Furstenberg silk t-shirt, Galaxy tube skirt (i'm dying for this..), Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag, black sheer seam back tights, Steve Madden trumpit boots

lovelove, M.


  1. Red never looked better and it looks really great on you. Now I've just realised I don't think I have any red in my closet...

  2. Thank you!
    I´ver just dyed my hair red again, it´s awful when fading. Why I´m considering going back to my ow colour but it´s such an effort, will take ages.

  3. i had bright red hair for a stage, it is tricky. the dark hair looks gorgeous though & love the red in that shoot.

  4. awesome! having just transitioned to redder hair from blonde, red really isn't a color i'm leaning towards..but you look great in it!

  5. i've been dying for those red steve maddens!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment!
    Great pics :)

  7. love the hair! and you're right- it looks great with red!

  8. i went through the EXACT same thing. my hair was an orangey red for about a year and now i think its fiiiiiiinally back to my natural color. and i like it the best after all that jazz

  9. Well done, I love your fashion sense, oh and i follow your blog, is fantastic,