Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free 'P' ☆

Yesterday was one of those therapeutic shopping days...What was the prescription? VINTAGE.
Charlotte and I spent the better half of the afternoon perusing the vintage shops in the Marais, my favorite area of Paris. We came across a few shops with some absolutely fabulous designer pieces, but they were more like collectables, so their prices were wayyy up there. The garments were quite fun to look at though. A girl can dream, right?

We eventually came across Free "P" Star, a tiny shop JAMMED with clothes. The 3€ bins immediately caught our attention (something more along the lines of our student budgets!) Digging through the abyss like bins, this season's nautical stripes started floating to the top. Charlotte bought a loose-fitting striped shirt, and I bought a stripy tank, soon to be cropped. Next was the 1€ bin, mostly packed with different types of scarves that would have taken days to sort through. So my shopping tactic was to reach way down and pull the fabric up, and by doing so, I happened upon a grey-blue and black cheetah print scarf. Just something fun, and only ONE euro! My last purchase was a red, burnt orange floral print dress that I intend on altering a bit. I plan to hem it and shorten the sleeves, possibly adding a gather? Let me know what you think. I'll post pictures of the process once I figure out how I will do these alterations sans sewing machine!

scarf 1€, tank 3€: Free 'P' Star

dress 10€: Free 'P' Star

snap closure shirt 9€: FripeStar
After yesterday's vintage adventure, I've gotten into quite the fripe-y mood. So, on my way to lunch on the bank of Canal St. Martin (soon to have it's own post here), I came across another shop on rue de Lancry. Same name, FripeStar, but different owners. Loving the baggy flannel shirts of the moment, I decided to invest in my own. Out of their vast selection, I chose a red, white, and blue flannel pattern with pearly snaps (pictured above). I also tried on some lace up heeled booties, that were adorable, but unfortunately they were a bit big... Alas, my search goes on for vintage lace up boots. Another excuse for more vintage shopping? Ok!

Well until next time...
xx, Q.
[credit: shopbop]


  1. breton stripes and plaid?! too great! cant wait to see how you wear themm :)
    and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back again SOON!

  2. thank you! i'm definitely excited to start creating outfits :)

    xx, Q.

  3. Oh amazing, I want to go thrifting soon. So bored with the garments in the closet.
    How is Paris by the way?
    I have completely forgot, but what are you doing there?

  4. Paris is absolutely fabulous, though a bit rainy... I'm studying here for the year. I highly recommend it!
    Thanks for the comments!

    xx, Q.