Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Style Inspiration Part 2: Carey Mulligan

I'm sure by now you all know I'm in love with the movie An Education, and being in love with it I've grown fond of Carey Mulligan. Apparently now Teen Vogue and Vogue have to! Both their Febuary issues have features on her.

In Teen Vogue she was named "Girl Of The Moment" here's the pictures featured of her
all of which are gorgeous I might add

credit; teen vogue

Vogue did a little spread on her called "Natural Born Talent", I'm going to admit some of these photos are not my favorite of her but I'm still glad Vogue recognized her; she deserves it!

credit; here

here's some street style pictures, sorry most of them are with Shia, they are the only ones I could find!

lovelove, M.

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