Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alice Always ♡

Thank you M. for introducing me to the blog: The Cherry Blossom Girl! Please go check out her site, the blog is gorgeous, as is she and her clothing. Plus, she is a fellow Parisienne.
One thing that really excited me about her blog was the link to Photoshoot because within the shoots, I found an "Alice In Wonderland" themed one (always a favorite). The photos reminded me a lot of the time C. and I worked on a commercial shoot for the "Calm-A-Sutra"Of Tea contest where I played Alice. Behind the scenes C. and I were fooling around taking some pictures which I've posted below with some pictures from the photoshoot on Cherry Blossom as well. Of course the actual photoshoot's pictures are much better than our fooling around ones, but quite related, huh?

[top: Q. styled by C. ; blouse - Zara, dress and shoes - C.'s closet]
[bottom: credit - Cherry Blossom Girl]

[top: Q. styled by C. ; book credit - The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior]
[bottom: credit - Cherry Blossom Girl]

See more photos from the shoot here.

Just a little something from a lazy sunday.

xx, Q.