Saturday, January 9, 2010

A day to myself

Today I traveled into New Hope, PA mainly to "go" with my mom to get her tattoo, yes I said her tattoo, my mom got a tattoo today ha! But I really just went for the free ride to New Hope to do some vintage and thrift shopping, and see the gorgeous Delaware River. It was a bit cold but I had a good time going into all the vintage stores by myself and spending as much time as I wanted in each one basically examining everything.

here's some pictures from my day;

my favorite vintage dress shop, which is a little out of my price range had a wreath decorated with Audrey Hepburn pictures! I basically died...

I was sneaky and got a picture of one of the displays in the store, gorgeous - I know.

I went home with a lovely black velvet short cape from my favorite vintage shop Nightbird, I plan on adding a button and chain to it since it comes with nothing to keep it on, I'll show you what it looks like soon!

Also just thought I'd share my excitment about Polaroids coming back into my life soon, they are making new cameras and coming out with more film - YAY. Although I'm not a Lady Gaga fan, so I'm not thrilled she's the new creative director for Polaroid, but whatever gets them going again!
Heres some prototypes for the new cameras
I love the black and wood one, I can't wait!

and last but not least, I finally purchased lipstick yesterday, I feel like an adult in lipstick and never wore it before but I've become sightly in love with it, here's quick pictures I took in my two new shades. My hair color looks horrible with the shades, but I'm dying it back to my real color (dark brown, basically black) (- it's red in these pictures, you can't even tell though) on friday so I should look wonderful when it's done!

tomorrow, Passion Pit in NYC, so excited!
lovelove, M.


  1. ooh i love the color of your lips :)
    i love thrist shopping, you find so many cool stuff that NOBODY has.

  2. I think its so cool your mom got a tattoo. Great thrift finds. Have a great weekend.

  3. That lipstick looks great! xo

  4. These are such awesome pictures! I love the first two espesh..
    Oh, and thank you for you comment, it made me smile :-)
    Panda xx

  5. awww youre so pretty! love the first pictures! remind me of a boutique sort of store. also, the wall in the back of your room is so awesome!

  6. passion pit?! NO WAY! SO jealous!

  7. Hello pretty girl :-) Thank you very much for your comment in my blog.

    Have a nice week ;)

    kiss from Portugal***


  8. Thank you for your lovely comment (:
    Those new cameras look awesome, when do they come out? Also totally jealous you're seeing Passion Pit!

  9. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! youre so pretty and i love the lip color! i also love the red dresses in the thrift shop. theyre gorgeous!

  10. Polaroids are coming back?! Yayzers, thank you Lady GaGa. Aww its cute that your mum went and got a tattoo, what picture did she get?

    That vintage display looks uhmazing, made me drool. Loving the colour of your lipstick btw.