Monday, January 18, 2010

Rah Rah... Oh Gaga!

Two words: Lady. Gaga.

Some love her, some hate her. Personally, I'm a lover. From her fun-to-dance-to, catchy songs, to her out of this world costumes, I'm a fan through and through. She is like no other musician/fashion icon/media persona out there. T Magazine's blog published an interview with the man responsible for the living fashion spread which is the music video for "Bad Romance". Nicola Formichetti is not only stylist to Miss Gaga, but also, the creative director of magazine Dazed and Confused and fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan.
How does someone come up with the such imaginative spectacles that Lady Gaga wears? He told T Magazine he often finds inspiration in his "huge toy collection that [he sources] through for ideas". Formichetti also said, "most importantly [he finds] that traveling and visiting new places is very inspiring."
Agreed! Living in Paris, and doing my day-to-day routine, I find tons of inspiration. Any large city introduces a plethora of people and scenes; everyday is a new experience. I'm excited to travel more this semester to expand my file of cultural influences.
Formichetti, half-Japanese, half-Italian, donates his "East meets West" personal style to his work as well.

I would love to pick his brain. I have always been in complete awe of Lady Gaga, especially with her latest "Bad Romance" video. Granted, Gaga brings much of her own personal style to what she wears, so working with Formichetti couldn't have created a better fashion love affair.

Please watch all of "Bad Romance". It's beyond fabulous.

xx, Q.

credit: perezhilton


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  3. LOVE Lady Gaga! A little shamefully at first, but now I've embraced it.

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