Thursday, January 14, 2010

Glass Gems

I've been meaning to make this post for probably close to a month now, and finally am! I've been really interested/obsessed with perfume bottles of all types, shapes, sizes. Although I am just started my perfume collection with Chance by Chanel, I'm really excited to get more bottles and make my dresser look gorgeous with all the different bottles and tops for them! I've been trying to find some at antique stores but no luck so far, hopefully soon though!

credit; weheartit

this embroidery by ashley of sleepyfawn has made me fall in love with that bottle, it's my next purchase!

these pictures have made me want to dress as girly as possible, I've been wearing lots of white, creams, sparkles, ribbons in my hair and etc. I'm loving it.
lovelove, M.

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  1. My grandma collects vintage perfume bottles and many still have there scent. these pictures reminded me of them :)